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7 ways to get free skin in Mobile Legends

7 ways to get free skin in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the best moba games right now having a lots of mobile legends skin is one of dream every mobile legend players .

So here 7 ways to get skin in Mobile legends

1.Daily Log in

This is the first way to get skin log in daily The reason, on the 7th day log in a row, you have the opportunity to get a box of skins that you can use for free.

2. Lucky Spin

Every two weeks, Mobile legend gives Lick spin that can played by players. If you are lucky enough, could you have got free skin.

3. Rank

By getting high rank every end of the season(3 months) Mobile legend will give free skin who are at least in the master rank.

4. Fragment

In addition to Diamonds and Battel Points, there is another currency in Mobile Legends that is not less important, namely Skin Fragments and Rare Skin Fragments.

Yes though how to get it is quite difficult, but certainly not impossible to have it. The trick is to follow a variety of events in the game. If it’s enough, you can swap those fragments with different free Legends Mobile skins!

5. Trial Skin

Mobile legend gives trial skin time to time Through the Skin Trial, you can try Mobile Legends hero skin for free within a certain time limit, ranging from one day, two days, up to seven days.

6. Open chest

Opening Chest can also give you the chance to get heroes Mobile legends skin for free. There are two types of Chest that can be opened, namely Medal Chest and Free Chest.

7. Live Streaming

How to get Mobile Legends hero skin next is live streaming. For the uninitiated, Mobile Legends provides live streaming features, so people can watch the game you’re playing.

Through live streaming features, you have the possibility of getting Diamonds for free by people who love your game. Diamonds that you can use to buy Mobile Legends hero skins.

Well that was an easy way to get Mobile Legends hero skin without spending a dime.

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